Based on a true story, “Shema” invites the reader into the mind of a teenager and how he was lured into the glamorous world of gambling. Who could have imagined the clean-cut Jewish boy raised in the traditional loving family would find himself hiding from gangsters and mobsters?

Follow the descent into a gambling addiction, unaware of the monster shadowing every bet. The flashing lights, loud music, entertainment, and winning chips served to distract him from the growing strength of addiction until he hit bottom. At that point he realized the addiction had made such a mess of his life that there was no easy escape.

The wisdom and love from those around him were seemingly no match for the gambling addiction that was calling all the shots.

There are many kinds of addictions. All share common truths as are in this man’s journey. It is far simpler to learn about it in a book than to live the nightmare. Hopefully this book will be a road map to higher ground when a situation becomes overwhelming.