In Dedication

   I dedicate this book to my older brother.
Growing up as a young kid I remember sitting in your room when you arrived from being two weeks away on your tour of duty in the army and just one day back home. Barely enough time to rest up before returning again straight into a hot war.
As I looked up wide eyed at you with your uniform and boots still dirty from battle, you put down your M16 on the floor. Your M16 was still warm from being used intensely in the scrimmages and you would take it all apart, piece by piece, cleaning it up in preparation to go right back in the morning and straight into the eye of the storm.
We send young men and women into war. When the war is over, our country declares victory, but in reality, to these veterans and their whole families, moms and dads, brothers and sisters and the whole family a different war has just begun.

     As you keep dealing with PTSD, reliving the horror that you went through, over and over, day by day, we as a family stand by you, wrap our arms around you with endless love and support. It’s just like in battle where you look to your right and you look to your left and see your brothers and sisters in arms fellow soldiers in the foxholes, except now it’s us stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Now it’s your mom and dad, your sister and your two brothers standing by you now and forever. We have your back brother, and we will never let go.
You are a true fighter, a true warrior and you are our HERO. Love you deeply and forever, YASO!
Your little brother